Joseph Hanimann,  Die ungeliebten Regionen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 09/07/1996


“…So bestreitet eine vor zwei Jahren gegründete savoyische Liga die Rechtsgültigkeit des Turiner Vertrags von 1860, durch den Savoyen und Nizza an Frankreich gingen, und hat mit Umberto Bossis Liga auf der anderen Sezite des Bergs auch schon Kontakt aufgenommen.”



Sarto, Savoie et traditions!, Le Messager, 14/07/1995


Le “Sarto”: un petit abri au milieu des vignes qui servait à stocker le matériel et à se reposer un moment.

Le Sarto milite en faveur des valeurs traditionnelles, qu’elles soient du terroir ou de l’ esprit. Leur devise: “Sabaudia Animus Robus terrarum Orbis”, souffle de Savoie, force du monde!



Savoy, one of the oldest nations in Europe, has been annexed by France, in 1860, through an annexation treaty. France did not respected the stipulations of this annexation treaty (neutral area and free-trade area). The Savoy League, created in 1994, became in less than one year the major proposal force in Savoy, returned to the Savoisian People its history and based its success on the demonstration of the 1860 annexation treaty nullity.

On this website, we propose you :

to have a better knowledge of our country, Savoy : its history, its geography, its economy, its population.

to have a better understanding of why the Savoy League is looking for the Savoy’s sovereignty and what is our project. The 1860 annexation was, in fact, proceeded through a very doubtful referendum, which let only one prevaricated alternative for the Savoy people -to be annexed by France or to stay on the periphery of the new-born Italy- without taking into account two other opportunities : the maintenance of an independent Savoy or the annexation by Switzerland. Moreover, since 1860, two of the annexation treaty stipulations (neutrality as well as free-trade area) have not been respected, which make this treaty without any legal value. A small folder presents the major lines of the Savoy League programme. It is also possible to discover our Savoy Federation Constitution Project .

to be informed about the Savoy news : on-line information, content of the « Echo de Savoie » magazine, links toward other Savoy or European websites.

to reach the Savoy League boutique


The Savoy League regroups

all the Savoy people aimed to work for the sovereignty of Savoy

the logical completion of a long historical and political route. Sovereignty can allow Savoy to start again walking as a free European State, to rebuild a country with improved democratic basis, to find again a prosperity based on an economic and cultural opening on Europe, after one thousand years of commercial, artistic or scientific contacts. More than only separation, this process can represent a model for many people on our continent, to go beyond centralised States which, at the dawn of a new millenium, appears as obstacles against democratic expression as well as international exchanges.


After a long absence, our Savoy country is now reviving :

Far from being an utopia, the rebirth of Savoy as a sovereign independent

On the 31 September 1999, 4 500 members as well as more than 60 000 friends joined us in our peaceful fight.

During its first participation to a popular poll (regional elections from 1998), the independentists from The Savoy League obtained 6.1 % of the votes in Northern Savoy and 4.8 % in Southern Savoy, of which have to be added 3.7 % for the regionalists of the « Mouvement Savoie« .

the independence of Savoy is not only the dream of just a few independentist activists. On the contrary, in the public opinion, after the good results the the March 1998 poll, Savoy independency is making considerable headway. A BVA survey for the Rhône-Alpes Objectifs magazine (July-September 1998), amongst the Rhône-Alpes region population, is showing that 28 % of regional population is in favour of Savoy independency.
Two recent surveys confirm that the ideas promoted by the Savoy League are now definitely not marginal.

Just presently, many representatives of the two Savoy departements are wishing a specific Savoy Region to be implemented. Other representatives joined the Savoy League.




CSA survey (1)

IFOP survey (2)





Does the Savoy has a cultural and economical identity as strong as the Corsica or Britanny one ?


YES : 66 %



Do you wish an independent Savoy (it was the first time the question was asked) ?

YES : 23 %

NO : 74 %

YES : 19 %
NO : 80 %



Do you wish the creation of a Savoy Region ?

YES : 41 %
NO : 57 %

YES : 55 %
NO : 43 %



Do you wish a referendum for the creation of a Savoy region ?


YES : 64 %
NO : 34 %



Your point of view about the Savoy League (SL) :





I’ll vote for SL

7 %




I don’t exclude to vote for SL

8 %




I shall not vote for SL, but I share many of its ideas

27 %





TOTAL : 42 %



(1) survey made on the 14th August 2000, published on the 31st August 2000 by « le Messager », « l’Essor Savoyard » and « La Savoie ».
(2) survey made on the 30th August 2000, published on the 23rd September 2000 by « Objectifs Rhône-Alpes »


Ligue savoisienne (Savoy League – Liga de Saboya)
2, avenue de la Mavéria

email : ligue@savoie.com


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